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3-N.5 Natural science collections and museums (holdings)

Content: Natural Science Collections - Municipal Museum of Natural History and Ethnography, Museum of Natural History, Ethnology and Trade, Deutsches Kolonial- und Übersee-Museum, Übersee-Museum, in particular the reproduction of the holdings by m...

In: State Archives Bremen (STAB) (Archivtektonik) >> Senate Registry (1875-1958) >> Culture, Education and Church

Archivaly - Akte

description: Contains:StartVNr: E 2/1904; EndVNr: E 696/1904; and others: Cooperation with the Botanical Museum, pp. 266, the Natural History Museum, pp. 44, 254, 266, the German Colonial Museum, pp. 165, and the Arsenal, Berlin, (1904), pp. 156 -...

In: Ethnological Museum, National Museums in Berlin >> I/MV

Correspondence A - K

Scope: 3.00 cm. Includes: Albertuswerke, Chemische Fabrik/Maschinenfabrik, Hanover Purchase of floor care products, 1939; Auslandsbrief-Prüfstelle Köln-Riehl Bank transfer of prey mail (Reisewerk von Le Vaillant) to the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum,...

In: Serien

Correspondence A - L

Includes among others: Abels, Hermann, Kunstsalon, Cologne Address by Julius Lips to the opening of the exhibition of the painter Emil Flecken; purchase of a watercolour by the painter Vollmberg; 1929-1931; farewell party for museum director Radem...

In: Serien

Diehl, Adolf, Chief Representative of the Society for Northwest Cameroon, Oppenheim

Scope: fol. 1-15. Provenance(s): Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum Contains: Purchase of an ethnographic collection from Cameroon.Damages: Cat. B (can only be used as a digital copy) Old signatures 463.

In: Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum >> Purchase, exchange and donation of museum objects >> Purchase of ethnographies

General information about Cameroon

Contains:1. publications by the Pallottines on Cameroon and publications by the Pallottines in indigenous languages (bibliographies)2. Agriculture (tropical vegetable growing, from a Cameroonian grower)3. Schulwesen (umfangreich)Dabei: - Schulgesc...

In: Central Archive of the Pallottine Province >> provinces >> Provincial Leadership of the North German Province >> Cameroon 1890-1916 >> regional and cultural studies


Marquardt, Carl, Berlin

Contains: Purchase of ethnographical works, in particular from Samoa; offer lists of ethnographical works from the South Seas and Africa, 6 p. Duplication.old signatures: 475.

In: Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum >> Purchase, exchange and donation of museum objects >> Purchase of ethnographies

Research Station Bismarckburg: Vol. 8

Contains among other things: Ethnographic research New definition of borders

In: Federal Archives (Archivtektonik) >> North German Confederation and German Reich (1867/1871-1945) >> Foreign Affairs, Colonial and Occupation Administration >> R e i c h s k o l o n i a l a m t (inventory) >> R 1001 Imperial Colonial Office >> Cameroon and Togo >> administrative matters >> Government stations in Togo >> Research Station Bismarckburg