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In: Gera City Archive >> III Files, estates >> III - 1 Municipal file collections >> III B - Municipality of Gera ... until 1945

Festbuch on the occasion of the 5th Bundestag of the Bund der Kolonialfreunde. edited by the local group Gera

In: Secret State Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage (Archivtektonik) >> NON-GOVERNMENTAL PROVENANCES >> Companies, Families and People >> people >> Freelancers from various organisational, economic and cultural sectors >> Officials of parties, associations, foundations and organisations >> Mickausch, Wilhelm (population) >> 02 Brochures

Mickausch, Wilhelm

Gera City Archive

  • Archivtektonik

Die im Stadtarchiv verwahrten Bestände umfassen den Zeitraum von (1436) 1615 bis 2005 mit einem Umfang von circa 2800 laufenden Metern. Urkunden und Amtsbücher Akten der Stadtverwaltung: Abteilung B (1436) 1780 - 1945 Akten der Stadtverwaltung: Ab...


History of the

In: Gera City Archive >> III Files, estates >> III - 4 Discounts >> III F 40 / Kötteritzsch - Estate of Eberhard Kötteritzsch

Sparkasse competition companies, regulation of the special-purpose savings bank system in general and matters relating to the special-purpose savings banks in Gera, Eisenach and Apolda

Contains among other things: Statutes of the Deutsche Krankensparkasse e.G.m.b.H. Apolda and the Kolonialsparkasse Weimar e.G.m.b.H.

In: Thuringian Main State Archives Weimar (Archivtektonik) >> Holdings of the State of Thuringia (1920-1952) >> Central State Authorities (1920-1952) >> Thuringian Ministry of the Interior (inventory) >> 3. community and district affairs [Thuringian Ministry of the Interior D] >> 3.4 District and municipal finances >> 3.4.6 Savings banks >> General savings bank matters: Laws, regulations, reporting, circulars, organizations, relationships with competitors, advertising, statistics, personnel matters, as well as general business matters.