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Darin: among other things: Call for the collection for our compatriots in South-West-Africa 1904

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Auslandsreisen von Hochschullehrern, Studienreisen, Ferienkurse, Vorträge auswärtiger Gelehrter, Redaktion des Vorlesungsverzeichnisses; vol. 1

Darin: Brochures of the University Institute Dortmund and the Royal Italian University for Foreigners in Perugia; Colonial Science and Related Lectures at German Universities, 4th Edition WS 1931/32; Lectures at the Philosophisch-Theologischen Hoc...

In: General Faculty Affairs >> University teachers' trips abroad, study trips, holiday courses, lectures by foreign scholars, editing of the course catalogue

Establishment of new chairs, applications for such chairs, habilitations

Enth. et al: Teaching positions, new chairs for: Insurance law, colonial law, forensic psychiatry, agriculture, forestry, business administration, succession Savigny (Lukas), succession Heckel, chair Terhalle, succession Terhalle, succession Erman...

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