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Lower Saxony State Archive, Hanover Department
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Assumption of officials of the Reich Finance Administration into the Foreign Office, the Reich Aviation Administration, the Navy, state propaganda offices, foreign exchange offices, the Colonial Ministry, the Reich Nutrition Office and the Reich Court of Audit.

Individual cases, among others; appointment of Dr. Hermann Bresgen, Director of the Finance Court, as District President in Schneidemühl/Grenzmark Posen West Prussia

In: Lower Saxony State Archive, Hanover Department >> State Tax Office/Chief Finance President in Hanover

German Abroad

e.g. annual report of the 'Kolonialen Lehrschau und Schulungsstätte in Hannover' 1939/1940

In: Lower Saxony State Archive, Hanover Department >> Hanover District President Hanover (1885-1945)

Mutung Vöhrum, consolidated, communities Landwehr, district Burgdorf, administrative district Lüneburg and Eixe, Vöhrum, Peine, Schwicheldt, Rosental, Berkum, Groß Solschen, Handorf, Klein Ilsede and Klein Bülten, district Peine, district Hildesheim on iron ore

Consolidated from the iron ore mines of Senon I, II, III, V, New Guinea, Nordstern, Vogelfrei, Kammerun, Congo, Nachtigal and Bülten III, IV, V Overview plan of the pit fields Light deduction Overview of the reserve field near Peine Stederdorf Sit...

In: Lower Saxony State Archive, Hanover Department >> BaCl Hann. 184 Prussian Upper Mining Office (BaCl)

oil concession areas

P - Z* and others. Cover pauses for oil concession areas;* Ridderade-Düste Erdöl, scale 1:25.000, no date (for map section: folder no. 2091 sheet no. 10);* Cover sheet for transfer page no. 288, planned railway line Fallersleben-Braunschweig, scal...

In: Lower Saxony State Archive, Hanover Department >> Ministry of the Interior of Lower Saxony

Individual provisions of § 1 Article 131 of the Basic Law

Contains: Legal Status of the Colonial Political Office in Berlin (Otto Bredenau)Old Archive Signature: B 99, 38Organisation and File Number: III-30/1 VI-17(Partial) Provenance: Unit 15.3

In: Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv, Abteilung Hannover >> Niedersächsisches Innenministerium >> Allgemeine Hoheits- und Verwaltungsangelegenheiten >> Öffentliches Dienstrecht, außer Polizei >> Recht der verdrängten Angehörigen des öffentlichen Dienstes nach Artikel 131 Grundgesetz >> Allgemeine Angelegenheiten

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