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Books and art objects, artists, writers, scholars, etc.

Contains among other things: - Adam, A. E., Stuttgart: "Joh. Jakob Moser as Württemberg Landscape Consultant", 9/10 June 1887 - Adlersfeld, Euphemia von, Militsch: "Maria Stuart", 17/21 Aug. 1888 - Baensch, W. von, Kommerzienra...

In: Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Dept. Main State Archives Stuttgart (Archivtektonik) >> Cabinet, Privy Council, Ministries 1806-1945 >> Royal Cabinet >> Royal Cabinet II (inventory) >> court library

Carl J. H. Villinger Collection (inventory)

Inventory description: Dept. 212 Carl J. H. Villinger Collection Scope: 285 archive boxes and 0.5 m oversized formats (= 723 units of description = 32.5 m) Duration: approx. 1833/1900 - 1977 About the author, journalist and local historian Carl J....

In: City Archive Worms (Archivtektonik) >> Collections/Audiovisual Sources

Deutsch-Koloniale-Jagd-Ausstellung zu Karlsruhe in the exhibition hall

View of the western wall of exhibition space 2 of the Kuhnert Collection.format: 16.5 x 23 cm.type: photo.photographer: Kratt, W.Additional information on the depiction: see Chronicle 1903, p. 100 ff.

In: City Archive Karlsruhe (Archivtektonik) >> Archival Collections >> Plan and picture collection >> Plan and picture collection - Exhibitions

Donations to the University and its Institutes

Contains: Feedback for the prorectorate reports; painting by Alexander Ecker by university painter Hermann (1887); donation by Robert Wiedersheimer of Ethnographica from New Guinea to the Museum für Urgeschichte; psychiatric objects by Mr. Langerm...

In: University Archive Freiburg (Archivtektonik) >> 2.1 Central University Administration and Rectorate >> Rectorate, files of the university administration (holdings)

For a painting. Miss's property. wall

(mission station at Kilimanjaro). Phototype: Photo. Format: 18,0 X 24,0. Description: Chagga house and mission house, people, Kilimanjaro in the background, photographed from a painting.

In: Picture archive >> Templates Sample book

Leipziger Missionswerk

Foreign exhibitions

Table of Contents/Rubrum (pages 1-3). Invitations to participate in exhibitions, programs (prints). Prize Exhibition of Objects of Science...' in Zaragoza, 1868 (page 4). International Art Exhibitions in Munich 1869 (pp. 5-15), 1879 (pp. 101-...

In: Archive of the Academy of Arts >> Historical Archive >> 1st Prussian Academy of Arts (1696-1955) >> Prussian Academy of Arts >> 08. exhibitions >> 08.4 Other exhibitions

Lordship Hueth (existing)

The BORCKEschen possessions in the right Rhine part of the duchy of KLEVE consisted of the 4 knight's seats HUETH, ROSAU, OFFENBERG and WENGE together with the subductors BIENEN and PRAEST-DORNICK. The Chamber President and Privy Council, the...

In: Landesarchiv NRW Rhineland Department (Archivtektonik) >> 1. authorities and stocks before 1816 >> 1.3. gentlemen and gentlemen >> 1.3.1. A - M >> Hueth >> Hueth, documents AA 0588

Minutes of the meeting of the exhibition commission

Minutes of the meetings of the Senate Committee for Exhibition Affairs:<br />15 Dec. 1897 (constituent meeting; participants: Heyden, Koepping, Knaus, Manzel, Otzen, Graf Harrach, Siemering, v. Oettingen): Election of Otzen as chairman, reso...

In: Archive of the Academy of Arts >> Historical Archive >> 1st Prussian Academy of Arts (1696-1955) >> Prussian Academy of Arts >> 03. Senatoren >> 03.3 Protocols of committees and commissions

Nachl. 307 (Antiquariat Breslauer) (title)

Archive of Martin Breslauer and Bernd Hartmut Breslauer Berlin-London-New York: works, life documents, correspondence and business papers, annotated catalogues, prints and reprints, family letters, certificates, sales catalogues (also those with t...

In: Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin. Handschriftenabteilung >> Sonstige

Old Letters to Baron Ludwig (1905 - 1917)

Contains: different Corpsbrüder, among others von ROHR (Corpsbruder), Oskar von DEWITZ, Herbert DIRKSEN, (?) from Dar es Salaam [long letter]; further correspondence partners Prof. Heinrich DIEHL, brother Cornel, mother (1./2. Feb. 1912; Familiäre...

In: City Archive Worms (Archivtektonik) >> Family archives/Heyl estates >> Family and Company Archive Ludwig C. Baron von Heyl (inventory) >> 1. Ludwig Frhr. v. Heyl sen. (1886-1962) >> 1.2 Correspondence >> 1.2.2 General correspondence (1913/14, 1918-1935)

Richard Feiber (1869-1948)

fonds N 2, 1850-1978 (251VE) Foreword Biographical The grandfather of Richard Feiber was a medical officer in Castellaun in the Hunsrück region. Richard Adolf Robert Feiber, Protestant, was born on 27 May 1869 in Koblenz as the son of Captain Robe...

In: Bergisch Gladbach City Archive (Archivtektonik) >> Discounts from private individuals

State Museum of Natural History

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Das Museum verfügt über kein Archivgut mehr aus der Kolonialzeit, mit Ausnahme von Originalfotos der Ausstellungsobjekte für die Deutsch-koloniale Jagdausstellung in Karlsruhe 1903 (20.05.-15.06.1903). Motive der Fotos sind vornehmlich Jagdwaffen ...


Werner, Anton von

The painter Anton von Werner was born on 9 May 1843 in Frankfurt an der Oder. He belonged to the Düsseldorf School, his teachers were K. Lessing and A. Schrödter. He became famous after 1870 for his [...] paintings to glorify the Hohenzollern mona...

In: Secret State Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage (Archivtektonik) >> NON-GOVERNMENTAL PROVENANCES >> Companies, Families and People >> people >> Freelancers from various organisational, economic and cultural sectors >> Writers and artists