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Dietrich Reimer Verlag
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Author contract between Therese Princess of Bavaria and the publishing house Dietrich Reimer/Ernst Vohsen in Berlin about the printing and publication of the work about the South American journey.

Remarks:<br />Heirloom of Therese Princess of Bavaria* July 5, 1907, Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Dept. Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart, GU 119 Wiltrud (1884-1975) Duchess of Urach, Countess of Württemberg* description: Remarks: - Heritage of...

In: Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Dept. Main State Archives Stuttgart (Archivtektonik) >> Archive of the Dukes of Urach >> Wiltrud (1884-1975) Duchess of Urach, Countess of Württemberg (inventory) >> 2nd partial estate of Therese Princess of Bavaria >> 2.3 Own manuscripts and publications by and about Princess Therese

Northern part of D e u t s c h - O s t a f r i k a (map of the research area of the Massai expedition of the German Antisklaverei Committee by Oskar Baumann) Verlag Dietrich Reimer 1894

Side maps: geological overview (1:4 mill.)[zw] ethnographic sketch[zw] (1:5 mill.); colour print; 79 x 49 cm; 1:500000;

In: Map collections of the Secret State Archives >> General map collection (inventory)

Usambara and coastal area in the districts of Tanga, Pangani and Wilhelmstal / in 4 sheets. / Sheet D* Partial map of a four-sheet map series of Usambara and the coastal area in D e u t s c h - O s t a f r i k a with topographical representations of the colonial area on the Indian Ocean to the border to British East Africa

Government card * Publisher, printing house: Verlag von Dietrich Reimer (Ernst Vohsen) Berlin* Publisher: Kaiserliches Gouvernement von Deutsch-Ostafrika

In: German Historical Museum Foundation

Dietrich Reimer Verlag

Beiakten, Band 4

Kommandierung zur deutschen Abteilung der deutsch-französischen Grenzkommission Ost-Kamerun, 7.8.1905 [fol. 2] Kröger, S. - Kommandierung als Expeditionsunteroffizier zur deutschen Abteilung der deutsch-französischen Grenzkommission Ost-Kamerun, 7...

In: Cameroon National Archives >> Fonds Allemand >> FA 1 Gouvernement von Kamerun >> B. Kamerun >> 1. Verwaltung des Schutzgebietes >> 1.1. Äußere Beziehungen >> Deutsch-französische Ostkamerun-Grenzexpedition. Deutsche Abteilung (Hauptmann von Seefried)

Gouvernement von Kamerun