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Newspapers (stock)

Description of stock: The stock of newspapers contains newspapers that have appeared in Berleburg or have a local reference. The Wittgnesteiner Kreisblatt, published for the first time in 1852 by the Berleburg publisher Matthey, is an important so...

In: Bad Berleburg City Archive (Archivtektonik) >> newspapers

Prefecture of the Rhine Department and sub-prefectures (existing)

Preliminary remark Cf. the estate of the prefect Count Spee in the Speeschen Archiv zu Heltorf (Repertorium H 8,4, vol. 5). According to an analogous find book, the documents of the prefecture of the Ruhrdepartement were handed over to the Staatsa...

In: Landesarchiv NRW Rhineland Department (Archivtektonik) >> 1. authorities and stocks before 1816 >> 1.5 French time and transitional period >> 1.5.2. areas on the right bank of the Rhine >> Grand Duchy of Berg >> Grand Duchy of Berg AA 0637

Secondment and transfer of staff members to other posts

Includes: activities in the state colonial administration, among others; activities in the "occupied eastern territories"; report on the status of work in the departments of 23.07.1943

In: Dortmund City Archive (Archivtektonik) >> 4.3 - Companies, associations: Guilds, clubs, associations, parties >> 650 - AOK Dortmund >> AOK Dortmund (inventory) >> 02nd AOK Dortmund >> 02.13. Personnel matters