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Colonial festival with directional spotlights to Africa!

v.num : 2801Includes : Event of the Frauenbund der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft, Abt. Münster, in favour of the preservation of the German culture, in particular the German schools in Africa, on Saturday, 16 February 1935 in the upper rooms of t...

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Mayer, Christian

This is the estate of Christian Meyer, who worked as bank director in Herford, and a newspaper article "In Kampf und Sturm auf Samoa. 40 years ago with the German cruiser squadron in the colonies. According to diary notes of his father, compi...

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Welcome words, Forewords, Greetings

Contains : Folder 12/1:- Inauguration of the student residence at the Aasee (1930)- Speech at the turn of the year 1930/31- Speech to the singing club (1924)- Speech to the Cologne male singing club- Opening of the 12th Kreishallensportfest in Mün...

In: Sperlich estate, Georg - Lord Mayor


Darin:- Circular letter of the 'Deutscher Ausschuß 'Mit Hindenburg für Volk und Reich'- Deutsche Kolonialzeitung: Organ der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft (Berlin, 20. November 1918)- Writings of the DNVP: Alfred Hugenberg, Der Will...

In: Sperlich estate, Georg - Lord Mayor