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A F Bowden

Collection of documents relating to his service with the Army Service Corps at the Base Supply Depot, Dar Es Salaam in East Africa during the First World War, including photocopied extracts from his ms diary refering to Colonel von Lettow-Vorbeck,...


Box.1. East Africa (1914-18)

Album of press-cuttings. Events on the Western Front, in Africa and India 1914-18 Box containing press-cuttings. All theatres of war. 1914-18 'The Times' History and Encyclopaedia of the War. 'The Campaign in German East Africa'...


Captain P W Kerr MVO

Ts diary (82pp) recording his service as a Trooper in 'E' Squadron, Imperial Light Horse in South Africa and German South West Africa, September 1914 - June 1915, describing his enlistment at Johannesburg, skirmishes with rebel forces, t...



75 MSS letters from Carr-Gomm to his father, nearly all written from the Cameroons, and all signed 'Culling'. Carr-Gomm, who had been in West Africa in the Colonial Service since April 1912, joined the Anglo-French Expeditionary Force to...


Diary of Albert Lee.

In August 1917, at the end of two months in dockyard hands, a new Captain, B S Thesiger, was appointed to the Inflexible and she proceeded to Scapa Flow for working-up exercises with the Grand Fleet. After so little activity for so long, Lee noted...


Lieutenant Colonel R B Turner CMG DSO

A collection of papers kept during his service in the campaign in German South West Africa during the First World War, comprising a ts translation (7pp) of documents from the Official Gazette of the Protectorate of German South West Africa concern...


Major-General E B B Hawkins DSO OBE

Ms account (23pp) comprising 16 operational reports with accompanying notes giving time and date of each of them, sender and destination, written between 6 and 17 November 1918 and describing the part played by the 1/4th Battalion, Kings African R...


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