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Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
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Cecil Rhodes Postcard

Colour postcard depicting Rhodes as a mouse in a cage labelled Kimberley, being watched by the Afrikaaner General Cronje in the guise of a cat; published in Berlin by Eysler & Co., and posted in Vienna, 6th February 1900.


Eysler & Co.

Items collected by Charles James Bagenal

Black and white photograph of the Residency, Kigoma (mid 1920s); five illustrated Christmas menu cards with guests signatures (1923-1924 and 1927-1929); watercolour of Kigoma Bay, Lake Tanganyika, from the verandah by Sir Alison Russell (1923).


Bagenal, Charles James

Letter of General Louis Botha

Letter, with typescript partial translation, from Botha to 'Louis', written in London during a tour of European capitals by Boer generals following the signing of the Treaty of Vereeniging, 1902. The letter discusses negotiations with Ch...


Papers of George Bartholomew

Papers, 1906-1921, including contract, correspondence and two passenger lists; typescript translation of the private wartime diary of Lieut. Nothnagel, 30th July-27th September 1914, [Central Africa, [mainly?] Cameroon].


Papers of Herbert Collingwood A. Bryant

Correspondence, reports, memoranda, etc., relating to Colonial Administrative Service in Nigeria and the Cameroons (1935-1945); and in the Western Pacific High Commission (1946-1951), including notes on the history, customs, commerce and developme...


Bryant, Herbert Collingwood

Papers of Hubert Childs

Journals of tours of administrative service in Nigeria and Cameroon (1932-1948). Also, reports and papers relating to service in Nigeria (1933-1935), Sierra Leone (1950-1956), and Southern Cameroon (1960-1961).


Childs, Hubert

Papers of Ivor F.W. Schofield

Correspondence, reports, photographs, cinefilms, etc., relating to administrative service in Nigeria, and to work as Income Tax Adviser to the Government in Gambia.


Schofield, Ivor Frederick Wentworth

Papers of James Stewart Smith

Smith's autobiography of service as an Administrative Officer in Cameroon and Eastern Nigeria (1924-1955) entitled "The Last Time", with related reports, papers and letters home.


Smith, James Stewart

Papers of Robert Bernard Brooks

Papers as Resident in Calabar Province, Nigeria, including reports on the history of Native Administration, on Owerri Province, native court reports and intelligence reports on the Cameroons campaign (1914-1915).


Brooks, Robert Bernard

Papers of Sir Charles Henry Harper

Diaries, correspondence, copies of despatches, reports, press cuttings etc. relating to Harper's work in the Gold Coast (1914-1920); papers relating to St. Helena and Ascension Island - mainly extracts/notes copied from other works and gather...


Harper, Charles Henry

Papers of Sir George Farrar and family

Photographs, correspondence, newspaper cuttings relating to mining activities in South Africa, 1871-1929 Telegrams, newspaper cuttings, photographs, etc. concerning the Jameson Raid, 1896 Maps, correspondence, etc. relating to the South African ...


Papers of Sir Michael Sadler

Notebooks and correspondence of Sir Michael Sadler relating to a visit to Germany to study the educational system, 1897, and an anonymous memorandum, ascribed to Sadler, relating to German colonial ambitions in Czechoslovakia, ca. 1938.


Rhodes Ephemera, [1899-1951]

Typescript compiled by Cyril B. Harris, entitledMy association with Cecil Rhodes and stories of the siege of Kimberley, as told on 16th April 1951 by W.D. Fynn, Superintendent of Farms for De Beers for 33 years. Includes a photograph of Rhodes at ...


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