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City Archive Kiel (Archivtektonik)
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Album of an East Asia trip of the S.M.S. Iltis

intus: Franz von Schönthan and Baron von Schlicht: Im bunten Rock (comedy in three elevators), Bloch Berlin, no year.

In: City Archive Kiel >> City Archive Kiel (Archivtektonik) >> discounts >> by Blanquet, Carl (Lieutenant Captain, 1895 - 1968) >> Photos; Postcards; Illustrations.


Bequests show facets of personalities that would otherwise not have been handed down: Correspondence, association activities, speeches, lectures and publications, but also testimonies and personal documents. Among the approximately 20 larger estat...

In: City Archive Kiel >> City Archive Kiel (Archivtektonik)

photo archive

including: photo albums in the photo archive of the Kiel City Archive and the Kiel City and Shipping Museum (approx. 20 pieces with estimated 4000 photos). These are in particular memory albums of members of the navy.

In: City Archive Kiel (Archivtektonik)