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City Archive Heilbronn (Archivtektonik)
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Postcard collection (inventory)

Duration: 1874-2010 Scope: approx. 6000 (as of 2012) Find aids: initial letters A-R in HEUSS (object type: photo) Collection of postcards, postcards and greeting cards with reference to Heilbronn and its surroundings. The main focus of the motifs ...

In: City Archive Heilbronn (Archivtektonik) >> City Archive Heilbronn - all holdings >> photo collection

Single-sheet prints (stock)

Duration: 1521-2010 Scope: over 1300 Nrr. Find aids: HEUSS (object type Archivalien) with thumbnails Meanwhile, thin multi-sheet prints are also included in this stock. The term "securities" refers to shares, banknotes, admission tickets...

In: Stadtarchiv Heilbronn (Archivtektonik) >> Stadtarchiv Heilbronn - alle Bestände >> Sammlungen