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0109 Donations, support

In: Gera City Archive >> III Files, estates >> III - 1 Municipal file collections >> III B - Municipality of Gera ... until 1945

Sparkasse competition companies, regulation of the special-purpose savings bank system in general and matters relating to the special-purpose savings banks in Gera, Eisenach and Apolda

Contains among other things: Statutes of the Deutsche Krankensparkasse e.G.m.b.H. Apolda and the Kolonialsparkasse Weimar e.G.m.b.H.

In: Thuringian Main State Archives Weimar (Archivtektonik) >> Holdings of the State of Thuringia (1920-1952) >> Central State Authorities (1920-1952) >> Thuringian Ministry of the Interior (inventory) >> 3. community and district affairs [Thuringian Ministry of the Interior D] >> 3.4 District and municipal finances >> 3.4.6 Savings banks >> General savings bank matters: Laws, regulations, reporting, circulars, organizations, relationships with competitors, advertising, statistics, personnel matters, as well as general business matters.

Festbuch on the occasion of the 5th Bundestag of the Bund der Kolonialfreunde. edited by the local group Gera

In: Secret State Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage (Archivtektonik) >> NON-GOVERNMENTAL PROVENANCES >> Companies, Families and People >> people >> Freelancers from various organisational, economic and cultural sectors >> Officials of parties, associations, foundations and organisations >> Mickausch, Wilhelm (population) >> 02 Brochures

Mickausch, Wilhelm

Gera City Archive

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Die im Stadtarchiv verwahrten Bestände umfassen den Zeitraum von (1436) 1615 bis 2005 mit einem Umfang von circa 2800 laufenden Metern. Urkunden und Amtsbücher Akten der Stadtverwaltung: Abteilung B (1436) 1780 - 1945 Akten der Stadtverwaltung: Ab...


History of the

In: Gera City Archive >> III Files, estates >> III - 4 Discounts >> III F 40 / Kötteritzsch - Estate of Eberhard Kötteritzsch