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Peters, Carl
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"Miscellaneous": Vol. 1

Contains among other things: Carl Peters: "English Mendacity." Newspaper prints, 16. and 17.10.1914 Complaint of the Reich Chancellor about lack of information by the Navy, 5.11.1914

In: Miscellaneous"

32 German colonies

Contains: Wolfgang Heinze: Civil rights for Reich Germans abroad and in the colonies. <1914>, 8 S. Money and commemorative coins. 1, . Africa. 8, including illustrations by Franz Vollbehr, 1955, 1971. Wars against Hottentots and Hereros. 3, ...

In: Historisches Archiv der Stadt Köln (Archivtektonik) >> Nachlässe und Sammlungen >> Sammlungen >> Vermischte Sammlungen >> Sammlung Lauterbach >> Deutsches Reich

Appearance of the writer Dr. Carl Peters in Munich (lecture on "German Colonial Policy")

Contains: Trial Peters versus Münchner Neue Post, newspaper clippings Darin: Münchner Neue Post 26.6.-3.7.1907, No. 142-147

In: Police / Rural Police >> Munich Police Headquarters (with assigned police offices) (1808-1936) / Police Headquarters (1923-1936) / Police Headquarters (1936-1945) >> Police Headquarters Munich before 1945 >> 6. general state police >> 6.2 Maintaining public order and tranquillity >> 6.2.6. lecture events

Articles about publications by Carl Peters

Contains: Newspaper clippings with articles about C. Peter's writings: "Elend der Deutschen in London" and "Das Goldene Ophir Salomos" - Advertising booklet for C. Peter's "Im Goldland des Altertums".

In: O - R >> Peters, Karl (inventory) >> N 2223 Peters, Carl >> Journalistic activity

Peters, Carl

Authorities of the protectorate D e u t s c h - O s t a f r i k a (existing)

History of the Inventory Designer: 1885 Imperial letter of protection issued for the acquisitions of the D e u t s c h - O s t a f r i k a Gesellschaft, 1885-1890 administration by the D e u t s c h - O s t a f r i kanische Gesellschaft under Carl...

In: Federal Archives (Archivtektonik) >> North German Confederation and German Reich (1867/1871-1945) >> Foreign Affairs, Colonial and Occupation Administration

Business dealings with art lovers, art dealers and the like

Contains: Enth.u.a.: Donated to the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg, 1939; loaned to the Landesmuseum der Provinz Westfalen; relations with Richard Hueck; expert reports by Dr. Quincke; 60th birthday of Professor Hamann; general meeting of fo...

In: District Archive of the Märkisches Kreis (Archivtektonik) >> Private estates and collections >> Fritz Thomée (1862-1944), District Administrator of the Altena District, Privy Councillor, Altena >> District Administrator Dr. Fritz Thomée, Altena (portfolio) >> Art and local history >> Thomée Collection

Carl Peters - Foundation. - Failed negotiations between the Carl Peters Foundation and the Wissmann steamboat company on the construction of a shipyard and the commissioning of a tugboat on Lake Victoria.

In: Federal Archives (Archivtektonik) >> North German Confederation and German Reich (1867/1871-1945) >> Organizations, associations and commercial enterprises >> Foreign Affairs and Colonial Administration >> German Colonial Society (inventory) >> R 8023 German Colonial Society >> Personalia and correspondence

German Colonial Society

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