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Niedersächsisches Landesarchiv, Abteilung Osnabrück
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Contributions to the Chronicle of Osnabrück'. (December 1933 - April 1935)

Abeken, family - owner of the Lauburg 13 Abeken, Heinrich 94 Abraum, where with the garbage 113 nobility and peasants 128, 129 Allerheiligen, protected holiday 84 old, general of - royal German legion 106 Altena in Schüttorf, castle 148 Amazonen, ...

In: Lower Saxony State Archive, Osnabrück Department >> Newspaper clipping collection friend

Photo collection Hasetorwall, Hasestraße, Hasemauer, Hasetorbahnhof

1) Hasestraße 3-7, viewing direction Domhof (photographer Josef Didem, approx. 1965) 2) Hasestraße 11-22, viewing direction Domhof (photographer Josef Didem) 3) Hasestraße 40a - 51, viewing direction Domhof (photographer Hartwig Fender, approx. 19...

In: Lower Saxony State Archive, Osnabrück Department >> City of Osnabrück - New Archive since 1945

Letters from Clamor von dem Bussche Hünnefeld from the Herero War in South West Africa

Civil Supply Certificate from the Imperial Protection Force for South West Africa 1907 - Dated postcards with inscriptions: Las Palas 1904 - Swakopmund 1904 - Daily distribution of rations to prisoners of war in Windhoek 1904 - Windhoek, Garnision...

In: Lower Saxony State Archive, Osnabrück Department >> Good Hünnefeld

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