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British Military Occupation, Samoa

Post and Telecommunications Museum Foundation

  • Plan of record groups

Die Museumsstiftung Post und Telekommunikation besitzt eine umfangreiche Sammlung von Kommunikationsobjekten mit deutschem Kolonialbezug. Die 1995 gegründete, von der Deutschen Post und der Deutschen Telekom getragene Stiftung, zu der die Museen f...


OKW / Amt Ausland/Defense (inventory)

Inventory description: In 1920 a counterespionage group with two departments for espionage and sabotage defense in the east and west was formed in the army statistics department of the troop office. In 1935 it was used as the starting point for th...

In: Reichswehr and Wehrmacht 1919 to 1945 >> Central Facilities of the Reichswehr and Wehrmacht >> Foreign Department/Defense Office