This archival guide sees itself as an open project. The information presented here can and should be completed. What opportunities are there for cooperation?

Information on documents or collections (data donations)
  • We are happy to enter further data from the possession of archive facilities or from private individuals into the database.
  • The data can be provided in more or less detail, for example as a structured data collection or as simple text.
  • Current lists with relevant search terms can be found in Thesaurus behind the respective links to the Wikidata queries.
  • Additionally a list of the most important search terms is available.
  • Contact details as well as information on the access name and use of the documents should be listed in addition.
  • In the project presentation the subject area to be narrowed down is described in more detail.

Working on the Thesaurus
  • Thesaurus data can be entered directly into Wikidata. Wikidata offers the appropriate instructions.
  • There is a daily updated report which concerns the maintenance of the thesaurus.
  • For larger amounts of data, e.g. lists of persons, the tools OpenRefine and QuickStatements are also available.
  • The WikiProject European Colonialism provides a platform to discuss appropriate forms of data linking, to coordinate cooperation and to find new collaborators.
  • Using the free knowledge base Wikidata offers a number of advantages:
    • The data is immediately available. Other projects can build on this. Information from different sources can be combined.
    • Wikidata also allows the detachment from Eurocentric concepts such as King, Sultan or Chief. You can define more appropriate terms and assign data objects to them.

You can also help by general notes and additions
  • References to existing publications, gladly also with lists of sources used therein
  • References to previously not considered archives
  • References to errors