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government of German East Africa
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Usambara and coastal area in the districts of Tanga, Pangani and Wilhelmstal / in 4 sheets. / Sheet D* Partial map of a four-sheet map series of Usambara and the coastal area in D e u t s c h - O s t a f r i k a with topographical representations of the colonial area on the Indian Ocean to the border to British East Africa

Government card * Publisher, printing house: Verlag von Dietrich Reimer (Ernst Vohsen) Berlin* Publisher: Kaiserliches Gouvernement von Deutsch-Ostafrika

In: German Historical Museum Foundation

Dietrich Reimer Verlag

Archivaly - Akte

description: Contains:StartVNr: E 950/1896; EndVNr: E 1169/1901; and others: Cooperation with the Museum für Völkerkunde, Stuttgart, (1896, 1900), pp. 2 et seq., 164 - Cooperation with the Governor of DOA, (1896-1898), pp. 18, 104 et seq., 117, 12...

In: Ethnological Museum, National Museums in Berlin >> I/MV

Deutsches Kolonialmuseum

Archivalie - Process

description: Contains:Content: Emperor. Gouvernement in DOA, Dar-es-salaam: Because of the contagiousness of the plague, the shipment of Anthropologica from Buchuba is impossible. letters: 1

In: Ethnologisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin >> E

government of German East Africa

Archivalie - Process

description: Includes:Acquisition: I/137/1901: p. 776-778, skull and skeletal bone (Massai), donation Oberltnt. Flag -- Content/contains: Announcement of Anthropologica (Prltn. Merker) by the governorate of DOA.

In: Ethnologisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin >> E

Götzen, Gustav Adolf von