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Passarge, Siegfried
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Leo Frobenius. - Dispute Professor Siegfried Passarge - Leo Frobenius

In: Federal Archives (Archivtektonik) >> North German Confederation and German Reich (1867/1871-1945) >> Organizations, associations and commercial enterprises >> Foreign Affairs and Colonial Administration >> German Colonial Society (inventory) >> R 8023 German Colonial Society >> Personalia and correspondence

German Colonial Society

Passarge, Siegfried, Dr., full Professor of Geography

Contains: - B. criticizes an essay by Dr. Lautersach.

In: Secret State Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage (Archivtektonik) >> NON-GOVERNMENTAL PROVENANCES >> Companies, Families and People >> people >> State and local government and civil servants >> Minister (presidents) >> cult >> Becker, Carl Heinrich (Dep.) (inventory) >> 1 Korrespondenz >> 1.16 Letter P, Q

Becker, Carl Heinrich

Correspondence: Vol. 6

Contains among other things: Treatment of the Samoan controversy with Prof. Siegfried Passarge

In: Solf, Wilhelm >> N 1053 Wilhelm Solf >> Amtlicher und politischer Werdegang >> Gouverneur von Samoa >> Schriftwechsel

Solf, Wilhelm

Letter from Siegfried Passarge to Ernst Meumann

After the rejection of the Senate's university bill, it will be examined how the Hamburg Colonial Institute can be expanded. Question to Meumann what would require the foundation of a philosophical institute. Possibility for Meumann to use th...

In: Estate of Wilhelm Wundt (Title) >> Estate Wilhelm Wundt/Letters (Title) >> NA Wundt/III/Heir's estate Wilhelm Wundt/Letters/701-800 (title)

Letter from Siegfried Passarge to Wilhelm Stieda

Request for information on [Victor] Ehrenberg regarding a second Ordinariate for National Economy; report on different views within the Appeals Commission (reliable vs. superficial writer); request for feedback on his judgement on [Ludwig] Pohle u...

In: Estate of Wilhelm Stieda (Title) >> Estate of Wilhelm Stieda, correspondence (title) >> Estate of Wilhelm Stieda, correspondence, letters from persons (title) >> Estate of Wilhelm Stieda, correspondence, letters from persons, O-Pa (title)

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