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Contains among other things: Fink, Fritz, The fountains of the town Weimar - Vimaria fountain - fountain in the Schloßgasse - exchange of the Neptune fountain figure (III.) - inauguration Donndorf fountain, 20 Oct. 1995 - Maria Paulowna fountain -...

In: City Archive Weimar >> Collection 60 - Picture collections

Collection Prof. Dr. Günther Behm-Blancke (1912-1994)

Contains: 2 notebooks 1819 and 1838 - birthday letter 1848 - photo of the colonial summer festival in the Brauhof (Karlsplatz 4) 1907 - letter and inventory of the Armbrust-Schützengesellschaft 1946 - furniture seizure 1948 - letter to the mayor o...

In: City Archive Weimar >> Holdings 53 - Discounts

Henßstraße, Windmühlenstraße, Thomas-Müntzer-Straße, Lisztstraße, Richard-Wagner-Straße, Zöllnerstraße, Gutenbergstraße Wilhelm-Külz-Straße, Cranachstraße, William-Shakespeare-Straße, Paul-Schneider-Straße, Heinrich-Jäde-Straße, Martersteigstraße, Schwabestraß

Contains among other things: Old windmill, conversions for the Reich Governor Sauckel - home for the blind - colonial fountain, Bismarckplatz - Pestalozzi school - English church, Kreuzkirche - Lottenmühle, later Catholic parish office - residenti...

In: City Archive Weimar >> Collection 60 - Picture collections

Jakobstraße, south

Contains.among others: Newspaper advertisement of local enterprises (among other things drugstore, special house for all photographic needs H. Schreiner) 1905 (copies) - photos Jakobstraße with view to the north 1920/77 (copies) - photos Sport-Möl...

In: City Archive Weimar >> Collection 60 - Picture collections

colonial wells

Contains also: Request of the sculptor J. Heise because of his remuneration for the colonial well.

In: City Archive Weimar >> Existing stock - Municipality 1919-1945