Bestand G254 - Verwaltungsakten von Deutsch-Neuguinea ¹

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Verwaltungsakten von Deutsch-Neuguinea ¹


  • 01 Jan 1889 - 31 Dec 1921 (Anlage)



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2.32 metres held in ACT 0.15 metres held in VIC

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The files had previously been listed by a public researcher, Professor Sack and his research assistant Margrit Davies in about 1968/69. They had listed files 1 to 194. On re-examining the files many are now "missing". However, Australian Archives has imposed the same numbering system in square brackets [ ], noting when files are missing at the time of the current listing (1987). A translation of the file titles has also been made. In February 1991, various packages of unidentified GNG material were located in the repository. On examination it was discovered that the material was the "missing" files originally listed by Professor Sack. The complete series was reconstituted with only one file [191] missing. During 1991 the material was microfilmed by the Reprography Section of Australian Archives ACT Regional Office.

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This artificial series has been registered to bring together an accumulation of records which was created by several agencies responsible for the administration of German New Guinea. The records are all written in German, are difficult to translate and it is therefore difficult to identify exact recording agencies. As a result, the records have all been registered conditionally as one series and a single number system of arrangement and control has been imposed until further research is carried out. The series consists of files created by the various agencies dealing with the administration of German New Guinea. The file covers are mainly buff and blue. Some covers are printed with the file number, agency title, date range and file title. Other file covers are all handwritten. Much of the material deals with matters of various "Imperial Courts" of the different districts. These matters include smuggling, larceny, contravention of the Bird of Paradise Hunting Ordinance, legal matters (wills, mining leases) and accounting matters of the "Principal Treasury". The files date from 1889 to 1914. One file, [No 33], entitled "Documents and Miscellaneous Papers prior to British Occupation" actually contains files from 1911 to 1921 dealing with legal matters during the British Occupation.

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National Archives of Australia

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{{¹ Hinweis zur Sprache}} Der Titel dieses Eintrags wurde maschinell aus dem Englischen rückübersetzt. Fehler sind möglich.

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