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Meyer, Hans Englisch

Loan requests. - German East Africa: Individual cases: Planter Hans Meyer-Mews and Bruno Grigat

In: Federal Archives (Archivtektonik) >> North German Confederation and German Reich (1867/1871-1945) >> Foreign Affairs, Colonial and Occupation Administration >> R e i c h s k o l o n i a l a m t (inventory) >> R 1001 Imperial Colonial Office >> Budgeting and Accounting >> loan matters >> Loan requests. - German East Africa: Individual cases

Meyer, Hans, Prof. Dr., Privy Privy Councillor - - M. would like to have some lecture directories of the Kolonialwissenschaftliche Vereinigung der Berliner Hochschulen (Colonial Science Association of Berlin Universities)

In: Secret State Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage (Archivtektonik) >> NON-GOVERNMENTAL PROVENANCES >> Companies, Families and People >> people >> State and local government and civil servants >> Minister (presidents) >> cult >> Becker, Carl Heinrich (Dep.) (inventory) >> 1 Korrespondenz >> 1.13 Letter M

Becker, Carl Heinrich


extensive holdings on the African colonies (in part also after 1919), including collections by Theobald Fischer, Fritz Jaeger, Hans Meyer, Ernst Nowack, Georg von Prittwitz and Gaffron, Günter Tessmann, Carl Troll and others

In: Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography Leipzig

Archivaly - Akte

description: Contains:StartVNr: E 1451/1902; EndVNr: E 828/1909; and others: Cooperation with the Museum of Natural History, Berlin, (1905, 1908), pp. 115 ff., 169 ff.- Cooperation with the Museum für Völkerkunde, Leipzig, (1904), pp. 65 ff.- by L...

In: Ethnological Museum, National Museums in Berlin >> I/MV

Museum für Völkerkunde zu Leipzig

Estate of Adolf Friedrich, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (title)

The partial estate contains documents of the expedition to the then D e u t s c h - O s t a f r i k a of 1907/08, in particular proofs of scientific publications, travel reports, newspaper notes, work plans, diary entries, letters to Hans Meyer.

In: Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde Leipzig >> Sonstige

Mecklenburg, Adolf Friedrich zu

Coins, medals, tokens

Signature of the inventory: XM - Description of the stock: Coins, medals, tokens - Size of the holdings: more than 1,900 numbers - Find aids: Findbuch - Description of the holdings (essential contents with indication of the term): 1. coins 1.1. Ge...

In: Hof City Archive (Archivtektonik) >> Small collections


with my own hands. Signature, to "Highly Revered Lord" from the Bibliographic Institute Leipzig

In: Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin >> Autographensammlung

Meyer, Hans

Recruitment, transfer and secondment of forestry staff

Contains: Contains among other things: Employment of severely disabled persons, deployment of forest workers seconded to the Forest Protection Command in the Generalgouvernement, in the district of Bialystock and in the occupied eastern territorie...

In: Landesarchiv NRW East Westphalia-Lippe Department (Archivtektonik) >> 1 State Archives Detmold >> 1.2 Minden Administrative District (1816-1947), Detmold Administrative District (since 1947) >> 1.2.1 Administration >> Agricultural regulations, forestry administration >> Forest administration >> Forest office Böddeken >> D 6 B Böddeken Forstamt Böddeken (existing) >> 2 Administration, staff, land