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A inventories

The A / A Pr. Br. collection group comprises the old holdings from the period up to 1945. This includes the records of the City Council, the City Magistrate since 1809 and its predecessor authorities since the Middle Ages as well as the district o...

In: State Archive Berlin

S - Stocks

Since the registry office responsible for special cases in Germany and abroad - the so-called 'Standesamt I' - is still located in Berlin today, traditions from this office also reach the Landesarchiv. They have been grouped together in ...

In: State Archive Berlin

02.03.01 Royal House and Court Authorities

During the transition to the constitutional monarchy in 1831, a Ministry of the Royal House was created, to which the essential parts of the court administration were subordinated. This included the supervision of the civil list and the Hausfideik...

In: Saxon State Archives (Archivtektonik) >> Kingdom and Free State of Saxony 1831 - 1945 >> Specialist authorities and subordinate bodies

Prussian Secret State Archives

In: Secret State Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage (Archivtektonik) >> STAATSOBERHAUPT UND OBERSTE STAATSBEHÖRDEN, MINISTERIEN UND ANDERE ZENTRALBEHÖRDEN PREUSSENS AB 1808 >> State Chancellery, Council of State and Ministry of State >> Prime Minister and Ministry of State >> Prime Minister, Assistant Orders and Archival Authorities

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