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I. Pact of Four Powers, disarmament, colonial question, cooperation Germany-Italy, April-May 1933 [676 002-676 205], therein:1. telegram ambassador Paris, 08. April 1933: government declaration Daladier concerning Revision questions, Bégery for co...

In: Institut für Zeitgeschichte >> Staatliche und parteiamtliche Akten >> Deutsches Reich (bis 1945) >> Auswärtiges, Kolonial- und Besatzungsverwaltung >> Auswärtiges Amt

Entry into the League of Nations

I. Admission to the League of Nations, September 1924-December 1925, among others:1) Note, minutes (excerpt), telegrams German representation Paris, Rome, London, Tokyo, Montevideo etc.., 25. September-22. November 1924: Requirements for the Entry...

In: Old Reich Chancellery

Frank, Herbert

The history of traditionThe history of tradition as well as the original structure of the estate of Herbert Frank could be derived from the isolated traces of this structure, be it references in Frank's correspondence, portfolio inscriptions ...

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Institute for Contemporary History

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Sehr vereinzelt Unterlagen, zumeist publiziertes Material, in Ausnahmefällen Manuskripte.



Feldwirtschaftsamt, Department Abroad, Collective Reports on Africa, Monthly Reports, Colonial Lessons from Office OKW Abroad, Military Situation Abroad 1940-1942, War Diary No. 7 of the Wehrwirtschafts- und Rüstungsstab (Abroad) 01. October 1944-...

In: High Command of the Wehrmacht (OKW), Wehrwirtschafts- und Rüstungsstab

Thematic collection of newspaper clippings, brochures and other documents - small wars (political and economic), small states, colonies, corporations

Brief description of the holdings:NL Herbert Frank, with documents of the Wiking- und Tannenberg-Bund in Nordrhein-Westfalen, 1909-1961; Orig., Kop., 242 Bde.; s. Rep. Frank, HerbertEhem. portfolio "Kleinkrieg":newspaper cuttings, newspa...

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[without title]

1) Carl Wölfel's lecture of 25 May 1934: Where do we stand? Strategic upper sentences on the German economic battle; pp. 9398-9429; HC 763:2) Memorandum Otto Kurz, Head of the Office of Technology, NSDAP, Gau Schwaben, November 1936: A German...

In: Haushofer, Karl and Albrecht


The author describes the life of his parents and grandparents in German Southwest Africa, his childhood and youth there as well as in Germany (Bad Wildungen) until the beginning of his education in Rendsburg; (1897-1936)Mschr., Durchschlag.

In: Memories, experience reports, (auto)biographical >> Rothauge, Richard Heinrich


In: Institut für Zeitgeschichte >> Staatliche und parteiamtliche Akten >> Deutsches Reich (bis 1945) >> Militär >> Zentrale Einrichtungen der Reichswehr und Wehrmacht