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Collection of pictures from the field hospital in Tientsin, medical accommodation, leisure activities and Buddhist monastery Shauhackuan

Execution: 24 photographs in album People and institutions involved in the creation: Esselbrügge, Dr., Tientsin, Photographer, Tientsin Press, Tientsin, Bookbindery Image carrier: Photo papers glued on half cardboard in linen binding Image and she...

In: Military Historical Image Collection (Inventory) >> 5 battles, wars >> 5.6 Colonial Wars

Join, join the colonial troops." Werbeplakat für die Kolonialtruppen

Publisher: French Ministry of War; Graphic: Lion Fauret; Print: Impressions Pierre Lafitte, Paris; Size: 119 x 79.5 cm; Quantity: 1; Colour graphic: Three soldiers of the colonial troops talk, in the background an Asian market and a Buddhist temple.

In: Collections of printed matter, posters and newspapers >> Printed matter and posters >> Collection of wall attacks (inventory) >> 5 France before and during World War II >> 5.1 Pre-war period >> 5.1.6 Advertising for entry into the army (colonial and homeland service, air force, cavalry)