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Solf, Wilhelm
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Wilhelm Solf [1862-1936, Diplomat]

Contains among other things: Speeches by Solf on colonial policy (6.1917, with drafts); Hans Sachs [press officer in the Colonial Department of the Foreign Office], memorandum on the German parties (28.8.1917); German propaganda against England; S...

In: individual correspondent

Solf, Wilhelm (inventory)

History of the Inventory Designer: Wilhelm Heinrich Solf, Colonial Politics. My Political Legacy, Berlin 1919 Eberhard von Vietsch, Wilhelm Solf. Ambassador between the Times, Tübingen 1961 Governor vn Samoa (1900-1911), State Secretary of the R e...

In: S

Solf, Wilhelm

Correspondence: Vol. 3

Contains among other things: Hans Grimm on Colonial Movement; Prof. Wilhelm Kahl on Interfractional Colonial Association; Ministerialrat Dr. O. Karstedt on Colonial Policy; State Secretary Dr. Hermann Pünder on Colonial Policy; Ernst Freiherr v. W...

In: Solf, Wilhelm >> N 1053 Wilhelm Solf >> Amtlicher und politischer Werdegang >> Ruhestand >> Schriftwechsel; BArch, N 1053 Solf, Wilhelm

Solf, Wilhelm


In: S >> Solf, Wilhelm (inventory) >> N 1053 Wilhelm Solf >> Official and political background >> President of Apia Municipality (Samoa)

Solf, Wilhelm

Correspondence: Vol. 7

Contains among other things: Dedication address of the representatives of the London Mission Society in Samoa to Solf, Nov. 1908

In: Solf, Wilhelm >> N 1053 Wilhelm Solf >> Amtlicher und politischer Werdegang >> Gouverneur von Samoa >> Schriftwechsel

Solf, Wilhelm

Rohrbach, Paul

Contains among other things: War Memorials of Rohrbach

In: S >> Solf, Wilhelm (inventory) >> N 1053 Wilhelm Solf >> Correspondence with individual personalities

Solf, Wilhelm

Political situation: Vol. 2

Contains: Constitutional Rights of the American and French Presidents, o.Dat. Wilhelm Solf, Forderungen für die Außenpolitik und Rücktritt als Staatssekretär, Nov.-Dec. 1918 Evacuation of Latvia and Lithuania: Meeting with representatives of the F...

In: D - G >> Groener, Wilhelm (inventory) >> N 46 Groener, William >> military service >> First Quartermaster General >> Political situation

Groener, Wilhelm

Combating All-Germans (Office Dr. Martin Hobohm)

description: Contains, among other things: Professor Walter Goetz, 1916/17; Prince Hermann Hatzenfeldt-Trachenberg, 1917; retired ambassador Prince Lichnowsky; Professor G. Martinus, 1917; Paul Rohrbach, 1916; State Secretary Wilhelm Solf, 1917; D...

In: D - G >> Delbrück, Hans >> N 1017 Hans Delbrück >> Political 1914-1918

Exchange of letters with politicians, scientists and other correspondents - General: Vol. 1

Contains above all: To the State Secretary in the R e i c h s k o l o n i a l a m t Wilhelm Solf, 1912 From the Armenian Patriarchon in Constantinople 1913 From Adolf von Harnack, 1914 An Ballin und Deutelmoser to the Central Office for Foreign Se...

In: correspondence with politicians, scientists and other correspondents >> Exchange of letters with politicians, scientists and other correspondents - General Information

Rohrbach, Paul

Solf, Wilhelm, Dr. Dr., 1862-1936 (Governor of Samoa, State Secretary at the Reich Colonial Office, Ambassador to Tokyo)

In: Federal Archives (Archivtektonik) >> North German Confederation and German Reich (1867/1871-1945) >> Organizations, associations and commercial enterprises >> Economy, Finance, Agriculture, Construction, Transport, Environment >> Reichslandbund-Pressearchiv, personalia (inventory) >> R 8034 III Reichslandbund Press Archives - Personalia >> Persons S


Verf. asks the addressee to visit his portraits of Albrecht Kirchhoff, Wilhelm Solf and Annemarie Toker as a child exhibited at the Kunstverein.

In: Collection Autograph Museum of City History <Leipzig> (title)

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