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4 Division IV War Archive

Alter Bestand (nach Dreißigjähriger Krieg–1914) Militärbehörden vom 17. Jh. bis nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg Truppenakten Erster Weltkrieg Folgeeinrichtungen der Bayerischen Armee Personenbezogene Akten Handschriften und Nachlässe Karten, Pläne, Bild...

In: Bavarian State Archives >> Bavarian State Archives (Archivtektonik) >> Central thesaurus for confirmation tectonics of the Bavarian Main State Archives

Acknowledgment on behalf of 51 Samoan tribal chiefs ("Your children of Samoa") to Ada Schnee for the help provided during the volcanic eruption on Savai'i Island

Acknowledgements in document form and Samoan language (with German and English translation), concluding with the names of 51 tribal chiefs; 65 x 42 cm; manuscript (ink on paper), o.A.; neu_kri11

In: Secret State Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage (Archivtektonik) >> (VOR-) ARCHIVISCHE SAMMLUNGEN >> Audiovisual Documentation >> Collection of persons, views and events (inventory)

Arabic Prayer Book (Handwriting)

Loose-leaf collection between book covers, in Arabic script, with the entry on the inside of the upper book cover: '1895. Before Tibati. Corporal M. Ganske the Kaiserl. Protection Force for Cameroon. Yaoundé Station. Station Manager Oberl. Ha...

In: Lower Saxony State Archive, Stade Department >> Stader Historical and local history association, collection/association registration office

August Schreiber/Franz Zahn/Anna Zahn: Convolute of estates

6691/1:<br />August Schreiber (1839 Bielefeld - 1903 Barmen): Diaries and workbook:<br />- Diary, Sumatra, July 1867 - Dec. 1872<br />- Diary Jan. 1873 - Febr. 1903 (Jan. 1903) 1873 - April 1874 daily entries, thereafter only lis...

In: Archive of the Academy of Arts >> literature >> 1. Literaturarchiv >> 1.1. artist archives/personal holdings >> Kempowski, Walter >> Kempowski, Walter (biographies) >> 22. discounts

Schreiber, August

Autograph Collection (Title)

The collection of autographs has grown out of the collection of about 2000 letters of the Cologne banker's daughter and wife Sibylle Mertens-Schaaffhausen (1797-1857), who was associated with Bonn and who for decades moved in the Biedermeier ...

In: Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Bonn >> Sonstige

Carl J. H. Villinger Collection (inventory)

Inventory description: Dept. 212 Carl J. H. Villinger Collection Scope: 285 archive boxes and 0.5 m oversized formats (= 723 units of description = 32.5 m) Duration: approx. 1833/1900 - 1977 About the author, journalist and local historian Carl J....

In: City Archive Worms (Archivtektonik) >> Collections/Audiovisual Sources

Carl Peters to his brother Hermann Peters (pharmacist): vol. 4

Contains: Letters and transcripts of C. Peters: journalistic activity; business affairs; business enterprise; litigation against various newspapers - Letters C. Peters' to Hermann Peters (handwriting Thea Peters).

In: O - R >> Peters, Karl (inventory) >> N 2223 Peters, Carl >> Family archive Peters >> Hermann Peters >> Carl Peters to his brother Hermann Peters (pharmacist)

Peters, Carl

Carl Peters to his brother Hermann Peters (pharmacist): vol. 6

Contains: Letters and transcripts of: C. Peters' journalistic activity; war; financing of the Petersdenkmal.- Letters C. Peters' to H. Peters (Handwriting Thea Peters).

In: O - R >> Peters, Karl (inventory) >> N 2223 Peters, Carl >> Family archive Peters >> Hermann Peters >> Carl Peters to his brother Hermann Peters (pharmacist)

Peters, Carl

Carl Peters to his sister Mathilde Peters: Vol. 2

Contains: Letters and transcripts of C. Peters': Mining operations; journalistic activity; Africa travels; state of health - Last letter of C. Peters' of 8 September 1918 (handwriting of his nurse).

In: O - R >> Peters, Karl (inventory) >> N 2223 Peters, Carl >> Family archive Peters >> Mathilde Peters >> Carl Peters to his sister Mathilde Peters

Peters, Carl

Catechism of Linden in Duala;

P. Linden S.J., Katekismus a katolik nyn boso nisadi na bwambo ba Duala (Cameroon); Limburg 1913[Library No. 1728 1914; Contains:; N.151-15: Manuscript in bound booklet, 1912; N.151-16Typed copy with envelope of the Spamersche Buchdruckerei in Lei...

In: Halbing Estate, August >> Pastoral texts in dual language

Halbing, August

City Archive Flörsheim am Main

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70 linear metres of files and official books (court books from 1447 to 1851; manuscript 'Kleines Kaiserrecht'; files for Flörsheim from 1768; records of the incorporated districts Weilbach and Wicker from 1650; files of the colonial scho...


Estate of Hans-Henning Abenhausen

Letters of the ship's doctor Dr. Alfred Abenhausen from aboard the passenger ships of North German Lloyd and the Woermann Line to German colonies, among others; all seven continents ** Scope: seven travel diaries, about 180 letters and postca...

In: Berlin-Brandenburg Business Archives e.V.

Estate of Otto Schulze

Letters of a German top paymaster from Tsingtao in the German protectorate Kiautschu** Size: 160 letters, 300 postcards Processing: completely transcribed; not digitized Planning: feeding into the Kaliope-Verbund (2018)

In: Berlin-Brandenburg Business Archives e.V.

Schulze, Otto

Examinations at the university abroad

Contains also: - Participation in the German Colonial Exhibition in Dresden 1939, - Alfred Hoffmann, Die wichtigsten deutschen und chinesischen Sportausdruck, 1936, - 3 Swahili manuscripts from the library of the Department of Oriental Languages;

In: Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preußischer Kulturbesitz (Archivtektonik) >> NICHTSTAATLICHE PROVENIENZEN >> Vereine, Verbände, Organisationen >> Innen- und Außenpolitik >> Deutsche Hochschule für Politik

Fables, proverbs, riddles

Note: Collection of texts in various manuscripts in Ewe, quarto format, approx. 100 pieces, loose.

In: State Archives Bremen (STAB) (Archivtektonik) >> Unofficial documents >> written records of parties, associations and societies >> Other associations >> 7.1025 North German Mission Society (inventory) >> 2. mission work in West Africa >> 2.05. Country and People, Mission Society Publications on Regional Studies

General and individual cases (also personnel matters): Vol. 2

Contains among other things: Work agreement between the Foreign Office and the Reich Ministry for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda for the activation of foreign propaganda, 1942 sale of the Steyler Missionsdruckerei, 1942 correspondence with t...

In: Federal Archives (Archivtektonik) >> North German Confederation and German Reich (1867/1871-1945) >> Finance, Building and Regional Planning >> Reich Ministry of Finance (stock) >> R 2 Reich Ministry of Finance (A-Ar) >> AA - Foreign affairs (incl. colonial affairs) >> Foreign affairs including colonial affairs >> AA 3 - General foreign affairs >> Culture fund - General and individual cases (also personnel matters)

Halbing Estate, August

Father August Halbing was born in Mellrichstadt (Diocese of Würzburg) on November 5, 1870, was ordained a priest in Limburg on August 27, 1894 and died in Limburg on February 28, 1956. He was sent to Cameroon in October 1894, but already in July 1...

In: Zentrales Archiv der Pallottinerprovinz >> Nachlässe

Halbing, August

Karl Roehl (1870-1951): Bible manuscript

Translation of the Old Testament in Kiswahili, 1st Book Moses to Book Esther in manuscript, 5 books Moses, Joshua to Esther, Job to Hosea, Obadiah and Zechariah

In: Archive and Museum Foundation of the VEM (Archivtektonik) >> Archive of the Bethel Mission/Evangelische Missionsgesellschaft für Deutsch-Ostafrika, 1885-1970 >> Manuscripts & Bequests

Evangelical Missionary Society for German East Africa

Larger family archives: Schleiermacher family archive

History of the holdings: The family archive Schleiermacher was deposited in June 2012 in the Hessisches Staatsarchiv Darmstadt (AZB 48/2012) by owner Karl Schleiermacher in Aschau after lengthy preliminary negotiations. In August 2013, two more ma...

In: Hessian State Archives Darmstadt (Archivtektonik) >> Family archives and estates >> Larger family archives

Lectures and Course Catalogues, Vol. 6

Contains among other things: - Foreign and colonial technology - teaching about workers' and employees' questions. Contains also: - Deutsche Kunststein- und Zementwaren-Zeitung. November. Berlin: Nobis, 1923 - Memorandum of the Welding T...

In: Secret State Archive of Prussian Cultural Heritage (Archivtektonik) >> STAATSOBERHAUPT UND OBERSTE STAATSBEHÖRDEN, MINISTERIEN UND ANDERE ZENTRALBEHÖRDEN PREUSSENS AB 1808 >> Kultus (clergy, teaching and medical administration) >> Ministry of Education and the Arts

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