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BT Tiere


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  • UF simio

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Anatomical Institute and donations received

Contains: Reptilian collection; collection of anatomical images and photos by Alexander Ecker; collection of skulls by general physician Dr. von Beck (14 pieces, antiquity-17th century); donation of 2 pictures by Mrs. Ecker; osteological specimens...

In: University Archive Freiburg (Archivtektonik) >> 2.1 Central University Administration and Rectorate >> Rectorate, files of the university administration (holdings)

First drawing attempts

Phototype: Photo. Format: 8,5 X 5,5. Description: Labeling of the drawing: The zebra, the monkey, the dog, the ostrich. Reference: Cf. print templates sample book, No VIIIc/422, Neg. 588, Diap. a.III 8.55 (11,1 X 16,7).

In: Picture archive >> Album 9

Leipziger Missionswerk

Gifts and Purchases of the Natural History Museum

Length: 207 sheets.Reference number:HI XIII 3c 3IIA11 I 7 347-52,245.Damage: cat. B (can only be used as a digital copy) Contains: Gift from various groups of fish, including migratory fish of the Rhine from E. vom Rath, wildlife in the Gulf of Na...

In: Historisches Archiv der Stadt Köln (Archivtektonik) >> Stadt Köln >> Stadt Köln nach 1815 >> Oberbürgermeister mit Rat und Ausschüssen >> Dezernate >> Kunst und Kultur >> Kulturdezernat >> Akten Teil I >> Nachträge


Phototype: Photo. Format: 8,1 X 7,6. Description: Object photography (elephant, monkey, birds etc.): 7 objects. Reference: See album 11, no. 206 (10.5 X 7.6) m. Title "Mue-Bach, border river between Kilema and Kiruwa". Cf. printing templ...

In: Picture archive >> Album 9

Leipziger Missionswerk


Phototype: Photo. Format: 10,5 X 7,5. Description: Monkey on veranda of a house (balancing on barbed wire). Reference: Cf. print templates sample book, No IXd/254 (11,2 X 8,6).

In: Picture archive >> Album 8

Leipziger Missionswerk

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