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Protection Force for East Africa - Organization and personnel affairs: vol. 2

Contains among other things: Award of medals for bravery to coloured soldiers (decree of the Reichsmarineamt), 21 Apr. 1892

In: Prussian and Imperial Navy 1849 to 1918/1919 >> top authorities >> Imperial Naval Cabinet (inventory) >> RM 2 Imperial Naval Cabinet >> Colonial affairs and protection troops >> Protection Force for East Africa - Organization and personnel affairs

Salary and Catering Regulations for Coloured Soldiers of the Protection and Police Force of the East African Protectorate of 1904

Also includes: M. H. Löbner, Answering the Questionnaire on the Rights of Natives in the German Colonies, 1910 Carl Peters, Abuse of Authority. Berlin 1899

In: Federal Archives (Archivtektonik) >> North German Confederation and German Reich (1867/1871-1945) >> Foreign Affairs, Colonial and Occupation Administration >> R e i c h s k o l o n i a l a m t (inventory) >> R 1001 Imperial Colonial Office >> Protection Squad Command >> Protection Force in D e u t s c h - O s t a f r i k a

Farbige Gouvernements-Angestellte

In: Cameroon National Archives >> Fonds Allemand >> FA 1 Gouvernement von Kamerun >> B. Kamerun >> 3. Organisation und Aufgaben der Verwaltung >> 3.3 Personalwesen >> 3.3.3. Angehörige der allgemeinen Verwaltung >> Afrikanische Bedienstete

Gouvernement von Kamerun