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"Picture and Film"

2 vol. texts, posters, advertising material etc. for mission films

In: Archive and Museum Foundation of the VEM (Archivtektonik) >> Archive of the Rhenish Mission Society >> mission management >> Speeches, Committees and Commissions

Rhenish Missionary Society

2nd poster collection

In: Bavarian State Archives (Archivtektonik) >> Central thesaurus for confirmation tectonics of the Bavarian Main State Archives >> 5 Section V: Bequests and Collections >> 5.3 Collections >> Posters, leaflets

9,S 9-28 Collection of exhibition materials of the State Archives Bremen (inventory)

Explanation: The collection is intended to contain materials (panel texts, exhibits, layout materials, etc.) that have been collected or created for exhibitions of the Bremen State Archives. In addition to various individual pieces, it contains te...

In: Own collections of the State Archives >> Other Collections

Adult education centres and educational committees

Contains: (spec.) Press article about the Haaß-Berkow Games, Gelsenkirchen, Volkshaus Rotthausen, Winter 1924/1925; Rheinischer Heimatbund e.V., Düsseldorf, 1924-1925;Poster of the Stadttheater Elberfeld, 1925;Chamber music evening in the Stadtsaa...

In: City Archive Solingen (Archivtektonik) >> 2nd archives of urban provenance (from 1808/1815) >> 2.1 Files of the towns and municipalities of Burg (until 1975), Dorp (until 1889), Gräfrath, Höhscheid, Ohligs, Solingen and Wald (until 1929) >> Wald (1808-1929) >> W Forest 1808-1929 (stand) >> J-01c-02 Adult Education Centres & Education Committees

Call" for the donation of the colonial warriors to the victims of the colonial war (text largely identical with Order No. 2241)

Print: Carl Grüninger Nachfolger Ernst Klett, Poster Printing Department, Stuttgart; Size: 43 x 34 cm; Number: 1; Text border black-white-vertical hatched, title accompanied by 2 Iron Crosses

In: Collections of printed matter, posters and newspapers >> Printed matter and posters >> Collection of wall attacks (inventory) >> 3 Germany and Austria-Hungary during and after the First World War >> 3.1 Germany >> 3.1.02 Calls for donations >> Colonial War Donation

Celebrations commemorating historical events (alphabetical by keyword), A - P

Contains: Above all celebrations on the occasion of the affiliation of different parts of the state to Württemberg 1902 - 1904, 1910, U´Fasz. 2 - 4, 7, 12; Inauguration of the Stadttheater Heilbronn with short biographical data about the awarded p...

In: Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Dept. Main State Archives Stuttgart (Archivtektonik) >> Cabinet, Privy Council, Ministries 1806-1945 >> Ministry of the Interior >> Further holdings of the Ministry of the Interior >> Ministry of the Interior, Division I: Chancellery Directorate (inventory) >> IX. Festivities and commemorations or memorial days

Collection of wall attacks (inventory)

1. the history of the collection: The term "wall attacks" for the posters kept in this inventory is contemporary. It refers to the simple mounting: not like advertising posters on splendid advertising pillars, but on simple wall walls t...

In: Collections of printed matter, posters and newspapers >> Printed matter and posters

Estate of Adolf ten Hompel (continued existence)

About the person: Adolf ten Hompel *15.6.1874 in Recklinghausen, 5.12.1943; brother of the centre politician Rudolf ten Hompel; parents: August ten Hompel and Henriette Wicking (Wicking-Zementwerke!). Education at the Humanistische Gymnasium Reckl...

In: Landesarchiv NRW Department of Westphalia (Archivtektonik) >> NON-GOVERNMENTAL DOCUMENT >> NACHLÄSSE UND SAMMLUNGEN >> Private estates and collections of individuals >> Estate Adolf ten Hompel

Exhibition about German colonies 21 June-10 September 1939 in Dresden - Authors: Fritz Georg Haberkorn [1898-1969], Dresden (graphic artist); Alf Bayrle (1900-1982), Berlin (graphic artist) - - Printers/Publisher: Baensch Stiftung, Dresden

Contains: German Colonial Exhibition (Title)

In: 2nd poster collection >> 2.2 Cultural and advertising posters until 1945 >> 2.2.7 Exhibitions

Fi 10 Daniel Peres (inventory)

Mrs. Marianne Peres, née Höltgen (1900-1981) [oo Kurt Peres ( 1951)], and her daughter Ina Tückmantel have handed over the documents listed below Fi 10 No. 1-54 to the City Archives on 6 November 1979. The materials were in inscribed envelopes or ...

In: City Archive Solingen (Archivtektonik) >> 3. archives of non-urban provenance >> 3.5 Company archives >> Fi 10 Daniel Peres, Solingen Steelware Factory

German Colonial Museum, German Colonial Society

Contains among other things: Correspondence, posters, account sheets, list of holdings, museum map Berlin-Tempelhof, board report 1912 Darin: Request from the Federal Foreign Office of 27 January 1925 to the Württembergischer Verein für Handelsgeo...

In: State Archives Baden-Württemberg, Dept. State Archives Ludwigsburg (Archivtektonik) >> Higher and middle authorities since 1945 >> Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs >> Linden-Museum Stuttgart (State Museum of Ethnology) (inventory) >> 2. access to files 2011/032 and 2011/039 >> 2.1 Chronological Group I (1880-1911) >> 2.1.4 (AZ I D) Associations >> (AZ I Db) Other associations, societies, institutions

Government of Düsseldorf, Political files (inventory)

General information The files combined in this finding aid book originate from different registry layers as well as from different registries. In the main, they comprise from the old central office of the government (i.e. the Presidential Division...

In: Landesarchiv NRW Rhineland Department (Archivtektonik) >> 2. administrative authorities administrative districts of Düsseldorf and Cologne >> 2.2 County government/governmental supervisory authorities >> 2.2.2 Government of Düsseldorf >> Government Düsseldorf BR 0007

Imperial Colonial League: Vol. 3

Contains among other things: Poster for the colonial exhibition in Berlin, Oct. 1941 "Der koloniale Kampf. Nachrichtenblatt der Bundesführung des Reichskolonialbundes", No. 9, Sept. 1941 Stenogram of a speech by Walter Tießler "Unse...

In: Reichspropagandaleiter der NSDAP >> NS 18 Reichspropagandaleiter der NSDAP >> Reichspropagandaleitung 1933 - 1945 >> Gliederungen der NSDAP, angeschlossene Verbände und Organisationen im Reichsring >> Verbände und Organisationen mit Verbindungsmännern zum Reichsring >> Reichskolonialbund; BArch, NS 18 Reichspropagandaleiter der NSDAP

Join, join the colonial troops." Werbeplakat für die Kolonialtruppen

Publisher: French Ministry of War; Graphic: Georges Scott; print: Imprimerie Henon, Paris; size: 119 x 79 cm; number: 1; multicoloured graphic: Two soldiers on a ship with blowing tricolour, in the background coast with palm trees (back of the pos...

In: Collections of printed matter, posters and newspapers >> Printed matter and posters >> Collection of wall attacks (inventory) >> 5 France before and during World War II >> 5.1 Pre-war period >> 5.1.6 Advertising for entry into the army (colonial and homeland service, air force, cavalry)

Journal of the League against Imperialism and for National Independence with current news about the colonial and national liberation struggle of 1931.

In: State Archive Saxony-Anhalt (Archivtektonik) >> 12. collections >> 12.01. Archive collections >> Poster collection (stock) >> 01. political posters, newspapers and leaflets >> 01.02. 1918-1944

Karl Fritz Collection (inventory)

Curriculum vitae Karl Fritz: Karl Fritz, born on 29 November 1914 in Pfullendorf as the son of a plasterer and a part-time farmer, was made possible by a scholarship to attend the grammar school in Constance. Immediately after graduating from high...

In: Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Abt. Staatsarchiv Freiburg (Archivtektonik) >> Sammlungen und Sonderbestände >> Sonstige Sammlungen

L 51 Foreign ownership (portfolio)

Introduction 1st history of ownership The Detmold stock L 51 Foreign ownership of Lippe is divided into several local subgroups. The connection of these places consists in the fact that they contain different lippic rights (possessions, claims, p...

In: Landesarchiv NRW East Westphalia-Lippe Department (Archivtektonik) >> 1 State Archives Detmold >> 1.1 Land Lippe (until 1947) >> 1.1.2 Administration, judiciary >> External relations >> Foreign ownership

Lecture by the State Secretary of the R e i c h s k o l o n i a l a m t Excellency Dr. [Wilhelm] SOLF on "The Lessons of the World War for Germany's Colonial Policy".

Contains among other things: Poster announcement for the event in the Saalbau, Junghofstraße on 29 May 1916

In: Institute for City History Frankfurt am Main (Archivtektonik) >> Magistrate files (1868-1930) (holdings) >> Science, art, culture and popular education >> Associations and Societies >> Trade, commerce

Letter from Richard Woltereck to Otto Wiener

The sender's concern about too many visitors of the planned lectures; printing of posters; joy about the promise of Wundts to give a lecture about thinking animals.

In: Otto Wiener estate (title) >> Estate of Otto Wiener/Correspondence 1899-1927 (Title) >> Estate Otto Wiener/Korrespondenz 1899-1927/Kasten T-Z (Title)

Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon, 6th edition, Leipzig/Vienna

No. 216: First Volume: A - Astigmatism, 1902 No. 217: Second Volume: Astilbe - Bismarck, 1903 No. 218: Third Volume: Bismarck-Archipel - Chemnitz, 1903 No. 219: Fourth Volume: Chemnitzer - Difference, 1903 No. 217: Second Volume: Astilbe - Bismarc...

In: Hof City Archive (Archivtektonik) >> library >> Encyclopedias (inventory) >> encyclopedias

Meyers Großes Konversations-Lexikon, 6th edition, Leipzig/Vienna

No. 245: First volume: A - Astigmatism, 1905 No. 246: Second volume: Astilbe - Bismarck, 1905 No. 247: Third volume: Bismarck-Archipel - Chemnitz, 1905 No. 248: Fourth volume: Chemnitzer - Difference, 1905 No. 249: Fifth volume: Differenzgeschäfte...

In: Hof City Archive (Archivtektonik) >> library >> Encyclopedias (inventory) >> encyclopedias

Military estate Karl Schall, Colonel i. G. Gren.Reg. 119, XIII A. K., 26. I. D., *1885 1980

Preliminary remark: Karl Ludwig Eugen Schall (born on 25 November 1885), died on 30 January 1980) joined the Grenadier Regiment of Queen Olga (1st Württembergische) No. 119 in 1904 as a junior flag officer, reached the rank of lieutenant general t...

In: Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Abt. Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart (Archivtektonik) >> Militärische Bestände 1871-ca. 1920 >> Nachlässe und Sammlungen >> Nachlässe

Name of association: German National Colonial Association E. V. - Type of association: Emigrant association

Contains: Prohibition of collections for the imperial German colonists Darin: 2 posters to call for donations

In: Police / Rural Police >> Munich Police Headquarters (with assigned police offices) (1808-1936) / Police Headquarters (1923-1936) / Police Headquarters (1936-1945) >> Association files (stock) >> Police Headquarters Munich - Association Files

Pamphlet collection until 1945 (inventory)

The holdings J 150 (pamphlets - collection) were mainly formed from estates and foundations of former officers, as well as from other private donations. A large number of brochures originate from the collection campaign for field libraries in the ...

In: Collections of printed matter, posters and newspapers >> Printed matter and posters

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